We, at Insight are continually working to streamline processes in our quest to increase operating efficiency. Our move to exchange data electronically with our vendor partners is an important way we can improve our supply chain.

What is EDI?

In its simplest form, Electronic Data Interchange, or EDI, is the computer-to-computer exchangeof information between trading partners of standard business documents in electronic format. There are two key elements in basic EDI. First, electronic documents replace paper documents. Second, the exchange of documents takes place in a standardised format.

Using these two basic concepts, any business can enter the world of EDI and start taking advantage of the speed and economy of electronic commerce.


How will EDI Help my Business?

Automating the exchange of many critical business documents on which we both depend helps us both. Errors are reduced. Labour costs are reduced with the shift away from manual tasks.

Data will be available in a more timely and accurate way.  EDI improves the accuracy and speed of information exchange between our trading partners & clients.


What Does this mean your organisation?

You’ll get Purchase Orders faster and they’ll contain all the information you need. You can tell us quickly and easily if there are issues with a Purchase Order so we can flag it in our system. Shipments will be accurate and well documented. Finally, invoices will tie directly to Purchase Orders and Shipping Notices, which means we can process them more efficiently. EDI relationship also reduce business expenses, such as postage, printing, phone calls, and handling.

View our EDI Mapping Guidelines

Benefits of EDI

Benefits of EDI

Enabling organisations to exchange business information, files, documents electronically; EDI is an efficient and accurate
way to speed up business operations.

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EDI Fact Sheet

EDI Fact Sheet

The EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) team are currently developing a working relationship with vendors/suppliers to implement the transmission of sales & ordering information electronically.

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EDI Services for Vendors

EDI Services for Partners

We have used industry standards in our processes & have a very skilled team to help you in achieving full EDI integration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

See our FAQ's here, if this still doesn't answer your question please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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